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Why Carol?  

Toastmasters builds great leaders.   As a Toastmaster since 2008, I eagerly engage in building great leaders – both inside Toastmasters and at the university where I teach.  I would like your vote as International Director for Region 6.  Why me?

Toastmasters Knowledge

  • I know Toastmasters. As a driven and enthusiastic leader, I earned three Distinguished Toastmasters Awards. I  held over 35 Toastmasters leadership positions, including Chief Ambassador, Region Advisor, and District Governor.
  • I coach a university club and am a member of four clubs: three are advanced and one is online.

Our Target Market

  • I connect daily with our major target market – young adults. I encourage many to join Toastmasters and charter university clubs. As a university professor for 20 years, I love working with this group of talented individuals.
  • When traveling the world, I learn about culture, history and language while speaking English and/or Spanish.

International Director Responsibilities

  • I understand and teach strategic planning, business theory and practice.
  • My PhD dissertation focused on the communication of business evaluations.
  • I am financially responsible – both professionally and personally.

Star-studded Speaking

  • enthusiastically involve audiences, teams and individuals. I am President of National Speakers Association-Michigan, and a graduate of Second City (improvisation).
  • I speak, plan events and fund-raise for non-profit organizations, including Multiple Sclerosis Society, American Diabetes Association and St. Vincent Catholic Charities.

My Story about Teamwork

As a 32-year-old , I signed up for my next challenge: Outward Bound in Ely, Minnesota.  This program introduced me to dog sledding, cross country skiing, and camping in -36◦ F.  At every meal, we recapped the day.  We discussed how we could improve our skills and work together more effectively as a team.  I learned how teamwork enables us to accomplish results that we couldn’t achieve on our own.  In its most basic form, teamwork is the difference between life and death.

Effective teamwork includes listening and honoring the points raised by each member.  Our success is based on the attitude, skills and capabilities of each person.  Our teams are in our communities – Toastmasters, our school, our city, and our world.  I love watching individuals reach new milestones. I care about your growth and preparation for your next big step.

Why now?

My husband, Flemming, suggested that we learn to scuba dive as a together activity. Although I am not a strong swimmer, I jumped in with both flippers; it opened my eyes to a whole new world. As I develop skills and prepare for my next dive, I know that when I round the reef, I am ready for the next opportunity. Toastmasters prepares us for our next reef encounter.

My professional career and Toastmasters experience have prepared me for this next step. I am ready to take on the challenge.

As a business professor, I teach strategy, forecasting, negotiations, aspects of finance, and purchasing – including ethics and policy development. I chair the Department Advisory Committee, guiding my department’s decisions, including developing new policies. The Board of Directors will benefit from my knowledge of these topics as they continue to address concerns and responsibilities.

When I served as Region Advisor for Toastmasters (2016-2017), I worked with strong leaders from different countries, gaining valuable experience and expanding my global perspective of Toastmasters International.  I trained district leaders at the International Convention, at midyear, online and in each district. My network of fellow Region Advisors inspired me to expand my ideas to assist district leaders as well as current and future Region Advisors.

The timing is perfect for me to step into the role as International Director following my successful year as Region 6 Advisor.

Why should you vote for Carol? 

You will be heard. As an educator and Toastmaster, I guide hundreds to take their next plunge – whether it is with business, personal lives or Toastmasters fun. Are you prepared for rounding the reef?

With your vote, I will join a team of highly accomplished leaders from the world to help guide and direct our organization’s strategies and planning efforts.

Vote for Carol Prahinski, DTM, as International Director of Region 6! 




Carol’s Toastmasters Career

A Member of Toastmasters International since 2008


International and District Positions

• Region Advisor, Region 6, 2016-2017
• Co-Chair, Region Advisor District Visit Training, 2017
• Member, Region Advisor Handbook Committee, 2016
• Chief Ambassador, Revitalized Education Program, 2015-2016
• Chair, Alignment Committee, 2015
• Immediate Past District Governor, 2014-2015
• Facilities Coordinator, Summer TLIs, 2014, 2015, 2016
• District Governor, 2013-2014
• Member, Nominations Committee, 2013
• Member, Alignment Committee, 2013, 2014
• C Division Governor, 2011-2013 (1.5 years)
• Area 3/5 Governor, 2010-2012

Toastmasters: where leaders are made

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I was impressed with Carol from the moment I first met her. Her knowledge of strategic planning, finance matters, team participation and ability to interact with people either one-on-one or in groups along with her excellent training skills make her prepared and qualified for the role of International Director. She will be a positive force on the Board of Directors, working jointly with the other Directors and Officers to ensure the strong future of Toastmasters International.

Jim Sultan, DTM, PID

Carol Prahinski would be a welcome and excellent addition to the Board of Directors. I say that with confidence having known her for 9 years and watching her progress through the Toastmasters communication and leadership program – first through our club, then through district leadership culminating in asking me to be Trio Mentor, and sharing our experiences as Region Advisors. She is a well-rounded and grounded woman bringing skills and acumen from her profession and leadership positions within other for profit and non-profit organizations. Coupled with her quest for knowledge and excellence is her passion for Toastmasters and boundless energy and enthusiasm.  Carol is more than ready for this next step in her Toastmasters journey. And I plan to watch and cheer her on as she and her fellow Board members propel the organization to greater success for all individuals seeking to improve themselves.

Cindy Pavella,  DTM, PRA and PID

Carol Prahinski is like the “Energizer Bunny” with extra batteries. Carol is the 2017-18 President of the National Speakers’ Association-Michigan, Treasurer of C Division Advanced Speakers Toastmasters and past Club President; past District 62 Governor; Immediate Past Region 6 Advisor, and three-time Distinguished Toastmaster. Carol is an accomplished public speaker on business and supply chain management, a skilled parliamentarian, a seasoned facilitator and team leader, and the type of speaker who invites her audience to think at a deeper level about the presentation delivered. Carol is the person you want as a keynote speaker – She will reel you in with ideas and humor and then send you out to discover your own answers.

Gretchen Smith, DTM  Past C Division Governor, District 62 (Michigan)

Carol has been an invaluable member of our club and District.  With all of her Toastmaster credentials and wealth of experience, she has modeled exemplary leadership.  Her ability to help others work through stressful situations has been greatly appreciated.  At the club and area level, she has offered advice in a way that is easily accepted.  We have learned from her….not just knowledge but have witnessed leadership at its best.

Phyllis May, DTM, Ph.D.  Division Director of the Year,  District 47

Carol on her 1996 cross country bike ride in Kentucky

I remember the first time I met Carol Prahinski.  I was so impressed as she continued to volunteer and help whenever necessary to ensure that our new club, Online Presenters, was always moving in the right direction.  Within a few months after meeting Carol, she took me under her wing and began to mentor me.  Carol asked questions and listened to my heart and aspirations before providing advice on how to reach my dreams.  Carol is a natural mentor and leader.

Carol’s belief in Toastmasters and the power it has to transform lives is seen in everything she does.  After a productive year as a Region Advisor, the International Director position is the perfect next step.  Carol’s ability to easily connect, coach and lead, combined with her background and ability to analyze situations will be a huge asset to the Board of Directors.  I encourage you to spend some quality time with Carol so you can feel her dedication and desire to serve and ensure Toastmasters continues to build leaders.

Lois Margolin, DTM  District 47 (S. Florida and Bahamas)


我做“密歇根州立大学“简单讲”国际演讲俱乐部”主席的时候,Carol 是我的导师。在我做主席的这一年,我从Carol身上学到了很多东西。Carol 给我很多实用的建议来吸引俱乐部的领导们,进而组建一个相互支持的团队。对于一个国际人士,领导美国学生组建团队是一个艰难的过程。有一次,我感到非常的沮丧和失败。针对我的领导风格,Carol和我进行了一次很长时间的对话。她帮助我分析了我作为一个领导者的优势和劣势。这个分析的结果指引了我后面几个月作为俱乐部主席的领导风格。在Carol指导我的这一段时间,我学到的最有价值的技巧是怎样分配任务。作为一个柔弱和温和的领导者,我有一种自己一个人做项目的趋向。在Carol的建议下,我在分配任务这方面的进步非常大。

When I was President of MSU Simply Speaking, Carol was my mentor.  During that year, I learnt many things from Carol.  Carol gave me many suggestions about how to engage people so that we could have a supportive team.  At one point, when I was frustrated. Carol and I had a long memorable talk on my leading style.  Carol helped me analyze my strengths and weaknesses as a leader.  This analysis guided me for the rest of my presidency period.  The most valuable skill I learnt was how to delegate.  As a soft, gentle person, I have a tendency to do the projects myself.  With Carol’s suggestions, I improved dramatically on this.


Currently, I am guiding two undergraduate student for doing research.  I am intentionally applying the skills I learnt from Carol as Club President. I assign them specific tasks with clear expectations of the results.  Carol’s hard work and coaching style also influenced me.  She always let me make the decision.  I do the same with the two students I guide. Besides training them on science and experimentation, I also intentionally train them to become a leader.  They have choices to achieve their goal.  As they learn how to make engineering decisions, they will become confident to define their own project and form their own team.


Carol’s mentorship and leadership style is encouraging and empowering.  I believe I stand out from the crowd of my peers because of my interpersonal experience and my Toastmasters experience.


Yongliang Yang  杨永良CC, CL

Carol made more effort than any other Region Advisor I’ve met to get to know the members and address their club issues.  Her presentation on club coaches in District 10 became two episodes on our podcast On the Table – Topics for Toastmasters.

Kim Krajci,  DTM, host of District 10 podcasts On the Table – Topics for Toastmasters and Toastmasters 101

I really enjoyed working with Carol and getting to know her during her visit to Toronto.  Her support was exemplary and truly helped me to make it through the year.  I learned a very valuable lesson from her about not giving into intimidation no matter how vulnerable I feel.  There is always an option.  It will help me going forward as my confidence grew three times its size with her guidance.  

Johanne Von Zuben,  DTM Immediate Past District Director, District 60 (Toronto and east)

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